[:ar]جينغا تيترس[:en]Jenga Tetris[:]


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[:ar]تعتمد على المهارة والتفكير الاستراتيجي، ولكي تلعب جينقا تيترس عليك أن ترتب مجموعة قوالب فوق بعضها حتى يصبح لديك برج طويل، ثم تبدأ في إزالة تلك القوالب واحدًا تلو الآخر بالتناوب مع منافسيك من اللاعبين، حتى يسقط البرج ويقع، وعليك أن تحاول أن تحرك يدك بثبات.[:en]The classic stacking game with a Tetris twist. The blocks are shaped like the ones in the electronic Tetris game, so it’s a brand new challenge to pull them out and stack them on top. And just like Tetris, if you can complete a level so it’s solid, with no gaps, you get an advantage ¿ you can choose the next player. The last one to pull out a block without bringing the whole stack crashing down is the winner. Play against yourself or take on your friends in the stacking, pulling, crashing challenge of Jenga Tetris.You can also play solo as you try to beat your own record of building the tallest tower. The Jenga Tetris game can be played by our rules, or you can make up your own. Stack it high, build it wide, remove the loosest block or risk pulling out a block with a tighter fit. Gaps are okay in this Jenga game, but fill in a level completely and you¿ll get to pick the next player. Whatever way you play, this is the ultimate block-stacking, tower-crashing game![:]

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